What do EU make of the referendum?
︎ Dazed

I was interviewed and photographed by Dazed about my frustrations of not being able to vote in the EU referendum despite my five year childhood in Germany and living in the UK for 20 years.

Sumo: Before the fight...
︎ Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française

Review of my short, Bashoiri, written in French by Franco-Belgian network RBTF. 

Today's Pop Up
︎ Yaddo (now Docsville)

My short Areola Angel was featured on the homepage of Nick Fraser's documentary streaming service Yaddo, and is now listed in an archived showcase alongside other digital shorts.

Fukushima Mothers Radiation Lab
︎ Internazionale

My short film for the Thomson Reuters Foundation was picked up by Italy's flagship current affairs magazine, subtitled in Italian.

Dead Can Dance writes new song inspired by Greek town Eleusis
︎ CNN Greece

I was mentioned in several write ups (in Greek) about the music video I directed for musicians Dead Can Dance - who wrote a song inspired by Eleusis - which helped win the city's 2021 bid for European Capital of Culture. The footage was also aired on Greek national broadcaster ERT.

Photos of childhood objects people can't leave behind

I talk with photographer Chris Bethell about why I have kept the violin I don't play on anymore.

Morning Opinion Digest, 8.10.2015
︎ Boston Globe

My viral article on Medium about the forgotten atomic bomb survivors of Nagasaki was picked up in a round up on trending opinions online by Editorial Page editor Ellen Clegg.