Mari Shibata

Tokyo born, London based features journalist with a focus on social affairs.
Having grown up in Germany and the UK with a stint in Kenya, my passion is to respect local perspectives and maintain cultural integrity by using observational techniques - you won’t see my face or hear my voice in my work. 

After building a foundation in breaking international video news at the Associated Press in London, my work has since featured in publications such as Nowness and Aeon, as well as commissioned by BBC, Reuters Foundation, VICE, Washington Post and others.

My journalism and video skills are self-taught and learnt on the job, after graduating from Cambridge University with a Bachelors in Music.

Please do not use or repurpose any of the images without contacting me first. You can of course share the embedded videos and articles themselves, and reach out about work opportunities and collaborations!

Have a browse and get in touch via social media with your thoughts. 

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