Mari Shibata

How real soy sauce should taste

Less than 1% of soy sauce in Japan is made authentically with wooden barrels called “kiyoke”.

Contrary to the mass-produced methods that only take three months to produce soy sauce, Yasuo Yamamoto is one of the only people exclusively adopting traditional processes that take four years to achieve its original flavours.

With reporting spanning across 15-pages, the multimedia feature commissioned by BBC Features was featured No.1 in the 'Most Popular' section of the BBC Travel website during March 2019.

I produced, filmed and edited a 4.5 minute video, which captures the heart of Mr. Yamamoto's family business that's been passed down over five generations.

Displayed on the fourth page of the gallery, it also aims to help audiences visualise what these authentic methods look like.

Further interviews were conducted to provide context behind the methods, fleshed out in the written parts of the piece.

Being bilingual in English an Japanese, I also managed the reporting and translated the interviews as a liaison between local contributors and BBC writers.

Although it's impossible to recreate the incredible smell through screen, you can experience the full journey on (part of BBC Global News Ltd).

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