Digital Prejudice

A work-in-progress interactive web documentary built with React, audio-visualising racist text messages on dating apps crowdsourced from other users.

Racist comments made on social media platforms are visible and thus widely dissected in the public domain. But despite similar comments made towards online dating app users, they get less attention as the messages are private.

Vocalising such messages using Text-To-Speech technology amplifies how that could sound like from a person, and makes it more real for those who don't know what it's like to receive one.

The computerised voice gives an inhuman effect, which reflects the alienating experience - those who recieve such messages don't know what the sender sounds like because they have never met them.

The aim of the project is for those who have had similar experiences to contribute to a piece of web-based documentary art, that continues to grow and "document" as more data is crowdsourced.

To digest the concept, please watch the demo video below.

For more details view the GitHub repository: